Associated Consultants has benefited immensely from cooperation agreements with a number of experienced overseas engineering consulting firms and has in the past worked on a number of projects with the following:

  • Associated Engineering Limited of Canada
  • Brian Colquhoun and Partners of United Kingdom
  • Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners of United Kingdom
  • Renardet (SA) of Switzerland
  • Rhein Ruhr International of Germany
  • Detecon of Germany
  • Hyundai Engineering Co. Limited of Korea
  • De Weger Int. bv. of Holland
  • Rites of India
  • Agip Petroli of Italy
  • Rendel Palmer and Tritton of U.K
  • Scetauroute of France
  • BCEOM of France
  • SAUTI of Italy
  • Bigen Africa
  • Jacobs Consultancy, U.K
  • Egis International

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